Oct 18, 2012

Glade Expr3essions Collection review

Here's another great one from Bzzagent!

I was lucky to be accepted to this campaign,and received both the Juniper and Lavender oil diffuser,as well as the Fuji Apple and Cardamon Spice room spray! I can honestly say,while the oil diffuser smelt good for about 3 days,the smell quickly faded and was barely noticeable from then on out.

I am still using the room spray,and is actually quite pleasant and lasts longer than the diffuser. The smell is a mix between apple pie and crisp spice. Very nice for the season.

All in all,I would only recommend the spray. Not the diffuser. I am thankful to bzzagent for giving me the opportunity to try this product!

Disclaimer:I received this product for the intent to review and was not further compensated monetarily. I received points for doing various activities on the Bzzagent campaign page.

Sep 9, 2012

Marjorie Christina Luna

Date Of Birth: April 7, 1976
Age at Time of Disappearance: 8 years old
Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 4'0; 60 pounds
Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian. Brown hair; hazel eyes. Luna's teeth are crooked. She has a fair complexion. Her nickname is "Christy."
Medical Conditions: Luna has a slight speech impediment. She also has difficulty hearing.

Circumstances of Disappearance
Luna was last seen at a neighborhood store in her hometown of Greenacres City, Florida on May 27, 1984. She purchased cat food and left the store at approximately 3:00 PM. Luna disappeared and has not been seen again. She was last seen wearing a turquoise bodysuit and was barefoot. The business was located 400 yards from Luna's home.
Victor Wonyetye lived near Luna's family's residence in 1984 and is considered a suspect in her case. He has a criminal record dating back to the 1960s and has been convicted in the past of sexual assaults, among various other offenses. Wonyetye is also a suspect in the 1984 New Hampshire disappearance of Tammy Lyn Belanger. He has never been charged in connection with either girl's case and both remain unsolved. Foul play is suspected in Luna's disappearance.

If you have any information concerning Luna's whereabouts, please contact:
Greenacres Police Department
All information may be submitted anonymously.

NCIC Number:
Please refer to this number when contacting any agency with information regarding this case.

Source Information:
The National Center For Missing and Exploited Children
Florida State Attorney's Office

ID Info - NCIC #M-211599738. Marjorie is a white female, 4'0" tall, weighs 60 pounds, has wavy brown hair and hazel eyes. She has an aqua birthmark on the right side of her back and was last seen wearing an aqua blue workout suit.

Circumstances - Christy went to the corner store and never arrived back home. She was last seen about 3:30 p.m. in Greenacres, Florida.

Sep 1, 2012

Four Thieves Vinegar spell

For all my little fellow beginner baby Wiccans out there,this is a good,easy spell to try if you're wanting to remove a negative person from your life.

Four Thieves Vinegar

2 quarts of vinegar
2 tablespoons each:

* lavender
* rosemary
* sage
* rue
* mint
* wormwood
* garlic

Soak and shake all of the herbs for two weeks and strain.

Legend has it that during the bubonic plague four thieves were caught stealing from houses where everyone had died from the plague. When the judge asked them how they were able to do this without contracting the plague, they claimed they drank and washed with this vinegar every few hours. In return for the recipe, the thieves got their freedom.

Take some 4 Thieves Vinegar and put it in a small bottle. Write the name of the person you want out of your life on a piece of paper and put it in the bottle with the vinegar. Seal the bottle tight and then throw the bottle into "moving" water where it will be carried away from you.

As you throw it in the water, visualize the person moving out of your life and far away from you.

Its also fair to remind you,remember the Rede,and make sure your mind is clear of hatred and anger. You wish for the person to be moved from your life,but not physically harmed.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen review

Summer is almost officially over,and Im very thankful. Im not a summer person at all. I despise the heat,severe weather,annoying insects,and all that jazz. One thing I do love,however,is sunscreen. And while summer is the best time to wear it,I like to wear it year round. I mean,the sun IS still there during autumn and winter,he just hides out a little better.

Ive tried all sorts of different sunscreens. Every once in awhile I'll gt a free sample or two from a company. That was the case here. Target sent me one of their beauty bags,and inside was lots of different cool samples of lots of stuff. The first thing that caught my eye was definitely the sunscreen. I was obviously excited. You know how sometimes people will say their favorite scents are the kinds you get with laundry detergent or dryer sheets? Well,mine are rose,lavender and sunscreen. Separately of course. Sunscreen can be a life saver for someone like me. I dont tan,I burn. Ive learned to embrace my inner paleness(what can I say,my style of clothing compliments it),so I like to use sunscreen that doesnt make me look washed out. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen is absorbed instantly into the skin. It doesnt make you look shiny,but it does give you a bit of a glow. It gos on light,so your face feels clean and weightless. And apparently,it doesnt clog your pores. Which is great for me,because I have enough issues in that department. Its also water resistant! The perfect combination. I feel protected,yet not weighed down at all,when I wear this every day. It doesnt feel greasy or oily. And I have yet to burn once.

Check out all of Neutrogena's suncare products! Theres something for everyone!

Disclaimer:I received a sample of this product from the company,through a retail chain promotion. I was not expected review nor was I monetarily rewarded for this review. All opinions are my own. I recommend this product for anyone who is able to use sunscreen. Im not a doctor,and if you have issues with your skin,or allergies to the product,please make your own decisions or contact a doctor in regards to useage.

Aug 29, 2012

UNREAL candy review

Thanks to Bzzagent,I got to try the delicious product line of UNREAL candies! YUM. These are candy products that are very similar to your normal favorites,just better for you!

I got to try both the caramel peanut nougat as well as the plain caramel nougat. Let me tell you. These things taste almost EXACTLY like Snickers and Milky Way. Heres the kicker,they're better for you. Thats right! No artificial flavors,no corn syrup,no hydrogenated oils. There are other really good aspects to the candy,which you can read all about here http://getunreal.com/

My father is going to try the peanut butter cups,and Im counting on him to give me the lowdown on how good they are compared to Reeses. We shall definitely see! Thanks to Bzzagent,for the great opportunity. And thanks to UNREAL,for giving me the products to try! UNREAL candies are sold at my local Kroger. So definitely be sure to check out your store and see if you've got them. They're worth the try!!

Disclaimer:Bzzagent and UNREAL provided me with coupons to try one product for free,as well as several BOGOF coupons,that I will distribute amongst friends and family. This campaign was for review purposes,and I was not compensated monetarily,nor are my opinions anything other than my own.