Oct 18, 2012

Glade Expr3essions Collection review

Here's another great one from Bzzagent!

I was lucky to be accepted to this campaign,and received both the Juniper and Lavender oil diffuser,as well as the Fuji Apple and Cardamon Spice room spray! I can honestly say,while the oil diffuser smelt good for about 3 days,the smell quickly faded and was barely noticeable from then on out.

I am still using the room spray,and is actually quite pleasant and lasts longer than the diffuser. The smell is a mix between apple pie and crisp spice. Very nice for the season.

All in all,I would only recommend the spray. Not the diffuser. I am thankful to bzzagent for giving me the opportunity to try this product!

Disclaimer:I received this product for the intent to review and was not further compensated monetarily. I received points for doing various activities on the Bzzagent campaign page.

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