Sep 1, 2012

Four Thieves Vinegar spell

For all my little fellow beginner baby Wiccans out there,this is a good,easy spell to try if you're wanting to remove a negative person from your life.

Four Thieves Vinegar

2 quarts of vinegar
2 tablespoons each:

* lavender
* rosemary
* sage
* rue
* mint
* wormwood
* garlic

Soak and shake all of the herbs for two weeks and strain.

Legend has it that during the bubonic plague four thieves were caught stealing from houses where everyone had died from the plague. When the judge asked them how they were able to do this without contracting the plague, they claimed they drank and washed with this vinegar every few hours. In return for the recipe, the thieves got their freedom.

Take some 4 Thieves Vinegar and put it in a small bottle. Write the name of the person you want out of your life on a piece of paper and put it in the bottle with the vinegar. Seal the bottle tight and then throw the bottle into "moving" water where it will be carried away from you.

As you throw it in the water, visualize the person moving out of your life and far away from you.

Its also fair to remind you,remember the Rede,and make sure your mind is clear of hatred and anger. You wish for the person to be moved from your life,but not physically harmed.

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